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We present a small gallery of different projects to showcase the diversity of our team's experience:

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Film Visual Design & Scriptwriting App

In the early years of the iPhone, we developed a pioneering app for iOS, addressing memory and usability challenges. We enabled scriptwriters to tackle the dynamic evolution of editing and easily share scripts. The application was created with Objective-C and Xcode.

Equivalency Calculator App

On one occasion, we were subcontracted by a prominent design house to develop an application for a major global gas distribution company. We overcame the challenge of creating a uniform construction and design across various platforms and languages in an app distributed to over 100 countries, each with thousands of users. The application was created with Objective-C and Xcode.

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Electronic Payment Switch

Another time, an international supermarket chain requested the development of a replacement for their electronic payment transaction system. We created an electronic payment software that processes all electronic transactions from all points of sale in all stores while translating between the protocols of different banks and issuers. The system was developed in C++, Qt, operating on Linux and Windows.

Debit Card Issuer

Years before online transactions became popular, we developed the software that handled transactions for a bank issuing debit cards. This software could also be integrated with different electronic payment switches. The challenge was to maintain response times in milliseconds. The system was developed in C, C++, Qt, operating on Linux and Windows.

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Cloud-Mainframe Integration

Before 'cloud' became a buzzword, one of Mexico's largest steel companies asked us to generate and query ISO 9000 reports from the web based on real-time data from different industrial equipment and mainframes. We connected and extracted data in an industrial environment, used specialized hardware, developed interfaces in C, and finally presented the information on the web.

AI Chat Bots

We have created various chat bots using AI platforms. Most of these chat bots have been integrated into ERPs to generate orders, warranty claims, and technical support tickets. In addition to building and consuming REST APIs, we used Spring, Java, C++, and Javascript.

AI Chat Bot
App Backend

Apps and Backends for Startups

We have collaborated with various startups, developing backend and frontend platforms according to their specifications. We provide operational support and knowledge transfer. We use technologies such as Java, Vaadin, Swift, Dart, C++, Qt, Javascript, C# in Web, iOS, and Android.

Additionally, we have tackled numerous projects, some involving reverse engineering of applications and protocols, representing technical challenges. Lastly, we have carried out a variety of more conventional projects, such as integrations with SAP, Oracle, Legacy, among others. We have also designed and built systems such as LMS, CRM, Report Generators, Payroll Systems, Invoicing, Inventories, among others. In conclusion, our experience has generated successful results for our clients.


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